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Daily Call on “Bones”

The Piqua Daily Call interviewed me.

…“First, I think the message — the take-away from the text — would be sympathy, even if it’s for the devil,” Marlowe said about his book. “The Nash family, many of them make decisions under conditions that those of us who don’t have those same difficulties, we’d like to think we’d make different decisions, but … we wouldn’t….”

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In His Own Country

I read “The Done Thing,” from Digging Up The Bones, to a packed house on April 26th.

Yes, that is a seersucker suit. I regret nothing.

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Midwestern Gothic Interview


Midwestern Gothic staffer Giuliana Eggleston talked with author Dale Marlowe about episodic narratives, Appalachia versus Midwest, the role of interlocutor, and more.

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Edison State, Dr. A Give Big Ups

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Love Letters


God Tam It

In the sense that vocation determines identity, I think of myself as writer first, professor second, and attorney third.

It’s easy to consider academe as a day job to pay the bills and buy health insurance to mitigate the damage I’ve done to my body the past two decades. A semester hasn’t passed since I’ve been at Edison State Community College that I haven’t thought good and hard about doing something else.

It never fails when I’m weary, my classes are subpar, or when Edison’s administration is acting up, some kind and thoughtful young woman or man (or a sometimes even gaggle of them) throws me a life preserver, e.g.:

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