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Intellectuals In The Jazz Age

Phi Theta Kappa Seal

Phi Theta Kappa Seal

In which our hero offers, humbly, the essay version of a speech he planned to give to Edison’s PTK chapter last month; he was prevented from boring members, inductees, and their families to tears when his spine dissolved into sawdust. Posted so both interested PTK members can forward it to their homies in a DM tweet led by some hashtaggy version of tl;dr.

I was in a hurry to leave college. You’ll note, twenty years on, I was mostly unsuccessful. Given my haste, I never thought to petition an honorary society. Nor, I should add, did any invite me.

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Got More Rattlers Than A Newborn Baby

My workspace was destined to someday become littered with pill bottles; but I dreamed I’d be, you know, cool about it.

Like Johnny Cash, or Elvis, or Marc Bolan.

Turns out I’m Anna Nicole Smith.

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