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Satan Loves RFID

The apocalypse is sort of my literary beat, so I enjoyed this piece in The Appendix from Daniel Salas:

“Radio-frequency identification technology thus merely figures as the latest supposed harbinger of the end times in a culture obsessed with both the apocalypse and technology.”

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All Shall Love Me And Despair

Look, I just want to get out in front of this thing. The rumors are true. I was among the sexy young starlets whose porny-porn-porn-porn pics got hacked from the iCloud. I think the best way to engage this tragedy and invasion of my privacy is to embrace, and make fully public and available, the “worst” the hackers might disclose; that is, the stunning magnificence of my glorious nekkid body. So save your self the trouble of Googling my naughty bits. Have at ‘em, why don’t you?

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All…cultures…are founded on myths….The economic interpretation of history is for the birds. Economics itself is a function of aspiration.

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